Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peace Park Dedication

Cascade Township officially opened "our" park last Saturday. The tent roof was put to use as a drizzle started falling along with the speeches.

DH Charlie talked about how his parents' interest in nature began his interest, and it made a nature park a good way to use their charitable trust money. [Our donation only got the ball rolling. The township passed a dedicated millage, and got a grant of $1.2 million from the Michigan DNR Trust.]
Charlie also gave a prayer of invocation quoting Chief Seattle.

I read "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry.

And a large group of folks cut the ribbon which was across the pathway. My scissors didn't work.

The next day we went to the park again to show it to some friends, and we were delighted to cross paths with two other families hiking the meadow!

Now the quilting pictures:

Lynne's quilt -- "Letter box" or "Kleenex Box". Her choice of design and fabrics. I put the center of the top together up on Beaver Island. Now I am using parts of extra blocks for the border. Gotta make it big enough for a Queen bed with 16" drop.

And this is the other top I finished on B.I. I will take both tops to the retreat tomorrow and get the borders finished. Then I will hand them over to Catherine for quilting. Both of these were started THIS year, so I don't count them as UFOs yet.

Additionally I will take only real UFOs as retreat projects. I am behind schedule for getting two done a month. I hope I can finish some small ones completely. Or at least make a lot of progress.

Three nights/four days of quilting retreat at a 4 H conference center, which provides all our meals! Yea!

I will report on Monday.



Peace Park is in use!
BLTs for dinner
Made four packages of pesto for the winter


kim said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the park dedication. It is amazing to think of all the small events that worked to make this wonderful thing come to life. Charlie's parents love of nature and saving for the trust, the two of you asking a question of the township, and the snowballing of more people working together over a long period of time to a wonderful space for all. Blessings on you and Charlie and all that are touched by these gifts. Hugs, Kim

Carol, Song of Joy said...

I second everything Kim said. I am delighted for you and for the people of Cascade Township that this has come to fruition and I'm sure your parents' spirits are delighted, as well.

My sister arrives today for a 4 day visit. I hope it goes well.

Love to you both. Oh, and I love the picture of you cutting (or not cutting) the ribbon. Made me chuckle just to see you all laughing.