Monday, September 6, 2010

Beaver Island Tales

I did manage to get my machine and its table into the car along with all our other gear. Some time was spent every day on piecing. Two tops were put together. My third project was not started.

The path down to Lake Michigan from our cottage, and Squaw Island on the horizon. Sometimes we could also see the U.P. [Upper Peninsula].

And we got the same view from our dining/reading/card-playing table.

Access to Beaver Island is by boat or airplane; ferry in the background with large opening in the back for car entry. Large fence due to Homeland Security!

Man "playing" with dog while enjoying view of lake and glass of wine.

St. James Episcopal Chapel on Beaver Island. Charlie taking the service there earns us the use of the cottage.

We had a good time, and even got two extra days because of gale force winds which cancelled all the ferry crossings. No problem for us retired folks.



Enjoyable vacation in a familiar place
Pleasant guests for part of the time
And yet, glad to be home again, where we still have our new porch!


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Love the post, esp. the photos, Sara. I hope you didn't mean your guests were only pleasant part of the time. :)
Thanks again for a wonderful visit with you and Charlie and the dear Island and Lake.


Nines said...

Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see the tops.

diplofam said...

you make retirement look very appealing--now I just need my husband to become an ordained minister so we can find some nice gigs like that :)
Still finishing your yellow/blue quilt--it's looking lovely with some quilting on it!
Carin from Margaret's Hope Chest