Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick trip to St. Louis

Vicky and Patrick wanted to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Chicago Cubs in baseball, AND Patrick has a four passenger Cessna.  So he flew us down to St. Louis on Friday.

We had good seats at the game.

On Saturday we were able to visit our daughter's family.  We saw an 8th grade football game and observed two teenagers sleeping on the family room sofa for much of the afternoon.

Sunday we went to church at the cathedral and then went out to Grant's Farm to see some of the Clydesdale horses owned by Budweiser.

Then we had a great view of downtown and the arch as we flew away to Michigan!



Fun to fly in a small plane
Saw grandson John catch a pass and score a touchdown!
Back home safely


Julie Fukuda said...

My uncle used to take me up in his small plane but he did loop the loop and barrel rolls. I think your trip was more fun.

Clare said...

What a great weekend!

Love the photo of the two girls.