Friday, September 30, 2011

I was warned

When I woke this morning I KNEW how to use up more of those pesky 1.5 inch squares that I had created some years ago.  Sew them into "twosies".

The sew those into "4-sies" and then "8-sies", and then "11-sies".

Then sew those strips all together into one big block.

My plan is to make FOUR of these blocks to put in the middle of my LEGO quilt.  That will make a bigger square that is 22 finished inches across.  I can add a one inch sashing [to separate it a little from the Lego squares], and that will bring it up to 24 inches, perfect to match the 12 inch finished Lego blocks.

Here's an imperfect glimpse of what that might look like:

 So with all this construction going on today,  I got NOTHING done about cleaning up my sewing room.  I WAS WARNED by Clare that this Lego business is a huge distraction from cleaning. [Ask her how she knows!]



Grand Rapids Women's Chorus fall workshop tomorrow and Sunday
With Charlie's push out the door I walked for 41 minutes today
SlimFast makes for a quick lunch
Baseball playoffs start tonight, Go Tigers!  Go Cardinals!


Clare said...

LOL! Told you!

cityquilter said...

sara, i call 'em inchies and yes, they are very addicting! and beautiful too!

Tonya Ricucci said...

cleaning? what's that? heh heh heh