Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Lego" blocks

Tonya Ricucci of lazygalquilting has a tutorial for making a "Lego" quilt top, and now I have seen several bloggers that are following her lead.  It uses scraps that are 1.5 inch in width, and I have a whole drawer full of those that I need to get rid of!

So I am sewing them end to end until I have about four yards in length.

Then I am sewing the two lengths together along the LONG dimension.

After pressing that seam, I cut the double strip into 12.5 inch lengths, and sew two of them together.

I now have a stack of 30 of these sets of four strips.
And I'm not making them into "12sies" until I have more made.  Don't want to have to put the same fabric next to itself, you know. And maybe I'll start using more pieces that are longer.

 Anyway later three of these will be joined into a 12.5 inch block.  Something like the last photo.

These are, or can be set in alternate directions, like a rail fence.

Tonya's looks like she is using a lot of short pieces, so her blocks look more like they are made of Legos.  I'm just throwing in 1.2 - 3 inch pieces every third time, because I am impatient.

But this has now caught my attention.  Will it turn into ANOTHER ufo? I'm planning on getting that drawer fairly empty because in general I don't want to work with pieces that small.

Meanwhile I am mentally gearing up for a clean-up and clearing-out of my sewing room.  There is too much chaos here and it has become less than welcoming to creativity.  I need to cull out the projects that no longer give me joy.  Doing that will make me more productive....I hope.



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Julie Fukuda said...

It seems we are both trying to solve the same problem in different ways. I had been thinking a machine might come in handy about now.

Clare said...

Just be careful. You may find the sewing room clear up takes a back seat to the Lego's. Mine has!

Tonya Ricucci said...

oooh, really cool and different way of approaching this quilt. yup, I'm definitely using lots of itty bitty pieces - I just love small pieces. excellent!

Nancy James said...

Found you through Tonya. Love the Lego and your different take on it. You say you are clearing out your room. If you have scraps to get rid of, this newbie will gladly take them, lol. TIA...Nancy

desertskyquilts said...

I look forward to seeing how different it is from Tonya's. I have lots of scraps and I'm thinking of how this will work with some of them. That's the nice thing about legos. They don't have to match the picture on the box. =) I also love your first gratitude. That's a great one! Me, too!