Thursday, October 13, 2011

LEGO continues

These blocks are not yet sewn together, I just wanted to see how they looked laid out.  Each block is 12.5", so this would make a 36" X 48" piece.

What I DO have sewn together is this piece which is 24" X 48":

I'm aiming for something like this:

which would be about 60" X 72.

Need to make some more blocks.  This is good because I am finally seeing the drawer of 1.5" strips getting closer to EMPTY.

I have given up my idea of quilting this "As You Go", or even doing it myself at all.  This is going to the LA quilter when the top is done!


That I have a LA Quilter
Survived another exercise class
Mixed pesto into the lunch salad dressing, and WOW, that's good!


Tonya Ricucci said...

amazing!!! I love the one-patch addition. wonderful! so funny that everyone else is making bigger blocks than I am. wonder what that says about me?

Brenda said...

looking great! I was just admiring Clare's quilt too! they're both inspiring.

Finn said...

Its looking great Sara, and isn't it wonderful to see a drawer or two get empty?? Happy stitching, hugs, Finn