Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inchie center

The center of the Lego quilt is put together.  I only have to decide in which rotation to sew these four blocks together.  [One of my blogging friends commented that she calls these little squares "inchies".]  There are a few HSTs and one 9-patch in the mix.

My plan at the moment is to frame this in some shades of gray-- a subtle frame that might go unnoticed for a short while.  I'll have to see if I have the right grays for that plan.  OR I might use a pile of red and white HSTs, left over from a Bonnie Hunter romp, and make the frame out of them.  Not so subtle.  Then the Lego Blocks will go around the outside.


We accomplished a lot of music learning and eating and fun at the Women's Chorus two day workshop.  Next Saturday there is another workshop in choral singing by a local expert in which we can individually participate;  not using OUR music, of course.  I'll go and see what more I can learn.



Sun twinkling on the frosty grass and leaves this morning
A dog who likes cantaloupe rinds
Tigers beat the Yankees!


Julie Fukuda said...

I made a whole quilt out of those "inchies" and HST inchies and since I put in lots of fussy-cut animals and other objects, it makes a great I-spy as well as a sofa cover). I took it to the pre-school in the spring and the kids had a blast playing on it.

Clare said...


I don't think I could do inchies. Haven't got the patience to cut that small.