Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Retiring a phone

This phone is going into retirement.  It has been eligible for retirement since May we found out.

Since we are on a Family Plan phone contract with our son and DIL, I had to get permission from my son to change phones, and I had to get two different passwords.  So there were about five phone calls between the Apple Store and Peter before I was able to walk out with the new phone in my possession and working.

My new iPhone, shown resting on the old phone, is NOT the just issued version, but a previous edition at a much lower price.  Nevertheless, it does a kajillion things that the old phone did not do.  And I am in deep technologic ignorance.

So far I have entered all the phone numbers from my old phone, but today all but six of them are gone.  On the other hand, all six that I have kept, now have their email addresses listed, which I did NOT enter.  Hmm.
Ain't technology wonderful?

I did, I think, manage to record three songs that the Women's Chorus was practicing last night.  And they did download to my computer, where I could name them, and delete the most incomplete. [The director keeps interrupting us!]  But then I couldn't/didn't find the way to "sync" the tunes back onto my phone so I could listen to them.

Enough talk of that.

I finished up the light strips going onto the Lego quilt as the first border.

It worked out to be four strips on most of the sides.  I saw a royal blue fleece at JoAnn's that I think I will use on the back.  Maybe I will turn it to the front also for the binding.  So what to go between those light strips and a royal blue binding?

I think I'm going to see what red and orange strips I have that are already cut to 3 or 3.5 inches.



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A few nights of no late-night baseball
Childrens' Hospital in St. Louis taking care of granddaughter Sara Rachel

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