Saturday, December 8, 2012

Next piece of the quilt back

I thought I was going to get the next part of the quilt quilted today, but making the back and using up my leftover fabric is taking longer than expected.

I now have this back side piece done, using up the extra HSTs and a good chunk of red solid.

I like the way this looks.  I'm using just a little tiny bit of red on the "right" side, but I generally like a lot of red. so this is appealing!

And there are some of the parts prepared for the other side piece, which will also have a chunk of red.

I hope to get this section quilted in place tomorrow.



Beautiful snow on the ground and trees
Dinner with Peter and Lynne tonight [DS & DDIL]
Continuing progress on the quilt

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Amy said...

I love scrappy backs.. they are unexpected and give something of a surprise on the back.