Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SS progress

[Thanks for the suggestions about what to do to load more photos.  In the end I decided to pay for more storage.]

Here is a section of the Secret Sister gift.  We all provided five FQs of fabric in a paper grocery bag last December.  Since then we were to have been designing something with those fabrics.  Naturally we mostly were "thinking" about it for eleven months.
So now the crunch is on.

In November I got almost all of her fabrics made into HSTs with a gray background.  Last week they were made into blocks. Today I have gotten all the blocks together into two center pieces and two borders.

Tomorrow I hope to get the first section basted together.



Grandfather clock still chiming since 1915
Dog than purrs. or is it hums?
Replacement for lost credit card arrived

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. said...

I bit the bullet last week and decided to pay the extra $2.49/month too. Grrrrr. But it's nice to see and share pictures.