Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Secret Sister quilt finished

Look, here you can see part of the label written on the back as well as the completed binding.
All that is left is to go over front and back removing the snippets of threads.

Since I can't show the quilt yet, here is a little glimpse of "spare parts" used on the back:

This is my first use of a wool batt.  It was terribly wrinkled and I had difficulty getting it even partially smoothed out.  However, as many people have reported, it is very light and feels quite WARM.

Usually I wash every quilt I make before giving it away.  Since this batt requires drying FLAT on absorbant material and with a fan blowing over it, I don't think I have time before tomorrow's party.  Hmmm, guess I'll just have to explain what to do to the recipient.

Got very tired this morning doing the Christmas grocery shopping trip.  It took an hour and a half in Meijer's to get everything into the cart and then there was a longish line for checkout.  Next there was loading it all  into the car and then into the kitchen.  After the refrigerated items were put away I left all the rest sitting out and took a NAP.  Most of it is now out of sight at least.

And I forgot to put a few things on the list!  Oh, well, someone will have to go back before Christmas Eve to pick up the prime rib from the butcher, so more can be picked up then.



GRWC concert went well on Saturday, big crowd!
More light in the darkness with third Advent candle
Snow coming before Christmas

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