Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two lap quilts

I finished the binding on the second lap/baby quilt made from Carolina Crossroads left-overs. The tan paisley fabric made a nice border, back and binding.

For the moment it is hanging over the back of one of the livingroom loveseats--so it is bent in the middle in the photo.
While that was in with a load of wash, I got the binding on the top I made from mostly pink and pastel scraps. The borders, back and binding on this one are a pink/lavender/& blue batik.

When I pulled it out of the wash, I could see that my machine applique on the hearts was not adequate to the tumbling of the wash cycle.

I used the "invisible" thread, and I think the problem is that the stitch WIDTH was too small. You can see on the close-up of the green heart that a part is fraying and unattached.

Now I will have to find a thread that will match the backing so when I re-sew it on the front (and what color thread there?), the sewing will not stand out too much on the back.

Out in the garden the three rose bushes called "The Fairy" are blooming with their tiny flowers in multiples. These were moved last fall and so are not quite as big and bushy as we are expecting from other years.

Nevertheless, nice to see!


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Sharon said...

Looks like you've had a productive week! I think the quilts are great! And, also, a good idea of what to do with too many scraps. Thanks!