Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vegetable lasagna

I am rushing to quilt a "Lasagna" quilt on my home machine, because the people from our church are going out to Pine Ridge reservation early, early this summer; next week! Somehow I missed the change and am not prepared with the number of quilts that have usually been sent.
This lasagna is vegetarian--with some fruit thrown in. Several years ago I was in a "food" fabric swap of Fat Eighths. These has sat and aged, as I added a few more each year. The time finally arrived to use them up.


Sharon said...

What a fun quilt! Love it! But what is a lasagne quilt?? I've not heard of that one. It looks like it's easy.

Amanda said...

Sharon (previous comment) has stolen the words right out of my mind!! Same comment - that looks great fun. Same question - what's a lasagne quilt?

Helen in the UK said...

LOVE your vegetable lasagne quilt!! I did a kiddies donation quilt in fruit/veggie fabrics a while ago and everyone at my quilt group raved about it because of the fabrics I used!! They are so bright and fun :)