Thursday, June 12, 2008

Placemats and napkins

Here is a Log Cabin block that I thought I was making into a placemat. In fact, I am making two of them for a wedding shower. But, you see, a Log Cabin block is SQUARE, and placemats are rectangles. So I thought that adding an extras LOG on each side would make it "about" the right size. Still have to add one more dark log on the left. But when I laid a regular, store-bought placemat on top of it----hmmm not really the same dimensions. I will have to slice some amount off.

I went out to a funeral, and stopped at Joann's to see if there was a nice plaid to put on the back, that would make it also reversible, and use for binding. There WAS a nice green homespun, and I remembered that homespun can make napkins simply by fringing the edges.

Therefore I made two napkins ( to go with the as yet unfinished placemats) and found two brass napkin holders in a drawer, so the present is really shaping up. IS shaped up. This is enough. Just want to prompt these two persons to be a little "green", as in, you don't have to use paper napkins for every day. We ourselves use cloth napkins. They are certainly easy enough to wash, and the ones I buy require no ironing.

Tomorrow I better get the placemats finished, since the party is that day for supper.



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Alycia said...

What a great idea for a placemat! Your vegetable Lasagna looks great too - yummy enough to eat

Lindah said...

Very nice placemats and napkins! I wouldn't worry too much about sizes, etc. I have many different sizes/proportions in my drawer. Actually, I really like them to be a bit bigger than the usual department store ones. They can be rather skimpy. Don't ya love a fabric than can be fringed!