Monday, June 2, 2008

Queen Alexander poppy

This is my brand new poppy. just planted last week. SHE is named "Queen Alexander". Doesn't that look like an error? Seems to me it should be "Queen Alexandria". Well, who am I to argue with an official plant marker? So Queen Alexander it is!
A few years ago I had a couple of the regular orange poppies on the hillside, but they have disappeared into the grasses there. Not strong enough for the competition. So these are in a realy flower bed with mulch.
I like this so much that I bought another one, as well as a white one called "Royal Wedding". Such noble names.

And here is the view from my kitchen sink looking toward the herb garden and then the circle drive. Lots of purple from the May Night salvia and the chives at the moment. Can you find the poppies?

I took four quilt tops to the LA quilter, and now I realize that I don't have a photo of one of them. So must take pix on their return.



Made some progress on the second blue knitted sock today
Comcast is back in working order
Great music at Mary's funeral (her grandneice a voice graduate from UofM)

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Renee said...

Sara, the flowers are so beautiful. I love Spring. Everything blooms and smells good. I just uploaded another picture to the OC tops. You can delete the other one that is not sewn together. My camera fell twice on the floor and the door to the batteries broke and now I have to hold it closed in order to get the photos to upload. Sorry for any inconvience. Renée