Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No to Empire

One of the joys of our thirty years are Holy Cross is seeing some of the young people grow up from toddlers to young marrieds, and watching/listening to their struggles and choices along the way.

One fellow has just finished his MDiv at Harvard Divinity School and been ordained deacon this month on his way to priesthood. For years Matthew drove an old, old car (had been his grandmother's) with a bumper sticker that said "NO TO EMPIRE". We thought this was a good way to react to our national posturings. How we humans do fall into thinking our way is the only and/or best way. Being "baptized into the death of Jesus Christ" means we can live in an alternative kingdom where might does NOT mean right. We need to fight off our longing for Empire.

Now Matthew is driving a shiney newer car, but on the back is a new, shiney bumpersticker saying "NO TO EMPIRE". Having seen the bumpersticker again, I had to laugh and get out my camera last week when I drove past a new office strip and saw this company name: I don't have a clue what this company is selling, but they are sure that we Americans just can't give up the idea of being The world Empire!


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