Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big Lake

For the last five nights we have been to Lake Michigan, locally often called "the Big Lake" to end confusion since there are many lakes in west Michigan. Here is the view as we get close to the beach. We are so lucky to have sandy beaches all along the eastern side of Lake Michigan, and where the sand is WET is public land. So If you can once get on the beach at a public park, you can walk as far as you want.
And here is the cabin in the woods where we stayed. The beech trees, oaks, and maples are very, very tall--like the pillars in a cathedral.

I was so interested in watching the waves on the beach and enjoying the breezes that I forgot to take any photos there! So use your imagination. Lots of even, tan sand, and very few people.

It is largely farming country away from the shore, so we had good eats from the Farmers' Market, fresh corn, green beans, and a blueberry pie

I even did some shopping at a small quilt shop. Since these fabrics were on a table of 50% Off bolts, I naturally bought TWO yards of each of the red and tan Modas! These FQs were also half off, and a yummy new chocolate batik at full price with the Fossil Fern sample boxes of 100 5" squares (ready to make into easy charity quilts).

Tomorrow we leave to drive to St. Louis, Mo and pick up our granddaughter SaraRachel (10) for a trip to the Grand Canyon with intergenerational Elderhostel. We are preparing ourselves to be "Wow-ed" because none of the three of us have ever been there! (Nor to Las Vegas, where we will spend two nights.)



Still mobile, tho' my knees ache

Wonderful evening walk/sit on beach from 8:30 until sunset

Companionship of Charlie and friends


Louise SS said...

Have a wonderful time on your trip and with your granddaughter! Such wonderful grandparents you are to do this...a great way to give the grandkids good memories. We are expecting our first grandchild in December and so looking forward to it! Have fun! Louise SS in Sweden.

Sharon said...

Aahhh, beautiful Lake Michigan. We used to have summer vacations near the lake when I was a kid - I miss it! I love all those great cottages there! It looks like you had a beautiful spot.
Hope you have a wonderful trip - sounds like a lot of fun!