Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Labyrinth repair

I hired Nick for a couple of hours for two days retrimming the paths in my meadow labyrinth. I did not get out with my little push mower as early as I should have, and the paths became too overgrown for me to PUSH, I decided after lots of sweat. Unfortunately what was visible was confusing, so I also got OFF the paths with my attempts.

Now I have been bending over with a yardstick, measuring from the inner paths to the outer so that each path is centered 3 feet from another. Then I spray painted dashed lines for Nick to follow.

He got shoulders and arms that were very tired, and I got an ache in my back and thighs--and a lot of white paint on my pointer finger!

Boy! Learned my lesson NOT to let this go another year in the spring. [This is an eleven circuit labyrinth, similar to one at Chartres.]

I was done, but Nick wasn't quite when a tremendous thunder storm came up. You can see the clouds behind him. Lots of wind and rain. My gauge showed 9/10ths of an inch of rain that half hour, while I drove him home, and now I hear more grumbling from dark clouds in the west. More rain on the way!

We are going to New York City with our two kids and their spouses for the weekend of the 4th of July. We will be making our annual grants from a family foundation, and every other year we make a fun trip of it for adults only. This was our daughter's year to design the trip, and she has included a cruise on the Hudson in a tallmast ship to watch the NYC fireworks Friday night. I think we are sure to remember this holiday!



Roof to keep the rain off!

Young man to help with heavy garden tasks

Electricity still on at home

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