Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lily or Tiger lily?

These lilies were in a gift flower pot, oh, 10 years ago. I forget they are in among the evergreen bushes and hosta until they bloom in late June. They are not really my favorite color, but I couldn't throw a gift plant away! I thought I would move them another year so that they would not be right by the front door. Hmmm...after they bloom, I forget all about them, so they stay in the same place.

Once again they have come to life and bloom about the same time as the "ditch daylilies", which are also orange. Maybe I'll just call these my "Orange Crush" lilies, since that name has been around so much lately.



Progress on getting the labyrinth re-mown correctly


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Jeanne said...

Whatever they are called, mine just bloomed, also. I'm guessing lilies as I think Tiger lilies have black stripes in them.