Saturday, July 12, 2008

Orts and a Queen

An "ort", I now understand, is a very small scrap of food or thread or fabric. So this is an "ort port", or a place to park my little scraps from sewing or quilting.

As soon as I saw that it only takes four 2.5" x 7.5" strips each of two different fabrics. . . . I thought, I gotta try that 'cause I won't even have to cut the strips! Besides, I'm always missing the wastebasket with my tosses. I finished the project in less than a hour. This little gem now sits at my right hand at the machine and gives me a better target.

The tutorial with LOTS of helpful photos is from Leanne at

Thanks Leanne!

Queen of the Prairie is now blooming-- it stands about 6 feet tall, and this clump has been growing for four years now.
This is an authentic American plant, a perrenial, and I love it! Here is a close-up of the fluffy flower:
The only "problem" it presents is that after blooming the leaves begin to dry up and curl.

This spring I transplanted a couple of chunks out into the meadow. These are trying to flower at a height of about one foot. I'm hoping they can fight off the encroachment of other plants out there. So far I haven't done anything to help them so I will ring them with a spray of Roundup soon to give them a little space this year.


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Leanne said...

Glad you liked it. They make great quick to make gifts.

Louise SS said...

I love the colors you chose for your "ort port"! What a fun name!
Your Quen of the praire are pretty! Enjoy!