Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lasagna again

I'm not really motivated about quilting projects right now. I am spending more time in the garden and reading. I have lots of started projects that OUGHT to be worked on and finished, such as finsihing the quilting on my Carolina Crossroads, and putting borders on Orange Crush.... but no enthusiasm.
In an attempt to get myself moving I have started another Lasagna quilt top.

I sewed a bunch of strips end to end, and then whacked them off at about 48 inches. Now I am sewing them together, and going through some old strips of patches to use them as well. I have enough for a Middle of a top in sections tonight. Tomorrow I will get them all togeher and think about a "stopper" narrow border before adding more strips as the major border.

And I need to get ready for our SpoolSpinner bee meeting this coming Thursday.

I have walked the labyrinth the last two evenings, using the time for meditation as well as exercise. This adds about 30 miinutes to my walking for each day.



Insect repellant

BLTs for dinner

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