Monday, September 8, 2008

Beaver Island Quilt Retreat

Yes, Gwen Marston is giving her retreats for the 25th year, and I finally was able to participate. The theme was SOLIDS - using solids to create design.

First she showed us about 30 of her quilts.
[If you click on any photo you will get an enlargement and can see the quilting, and even some edges of other quilts piled on the counter!]

We oohed and aahed, and took lots of photos!

The tan one with light interior squares was tied leaving long ends dangling for "more texture."

She had used multiple repetitions of fairly simple shapes.

So then we went to work with our own solid fabrics (though some people had brought other projects which they labored over).

I had brought my bolt of WHITE that needs using, and was bound and determined that I was going to use it for background.

I stuck the blocks I had done when I went to bed on Wednesday onto one of the tablecloths hung around the area.

Thursday I worked on the sashings all day.
I hung itover the piano in my corner of the room, and after some study, I decided no more was needed. Anyway I was done for the day, and wasn't going to do any more on it until I got it home.
Here is the final result. Definitely using some of Gwen's ideas, but defintiely not made by her!
More on days three and four in a couple of days.


Kathie said...

this is a big dream of mine to some attend one of her retreats..
I thank you for sharing these photos and hope you will share more!
Any words of wisdom she shared about using solids ???
Looking forward to her new book coming out, did you see a copy???
what did you think?

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wow wow wow, great photos. wow. Your quilt tops is marvelous - can see the inspiration, but how you went in your own direction. great!

Victoria said...

These are all fabulous. very free adn exciting! nice job!

Mary said...

Love your top, that blue sashing frames the blocks really well.

Cher said...

also a dream of mine to go to one of Gwen's retreats. I do have her new book- great to see your photos of some of her quilts- and yours is fun-inspired but your own..great!

belinda said...

Oh WOW!!!...I would have LOVED to have been there too!!!! Great quilts!!