Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skinny triangles

I think I want another border on the "white-framed squares" quilt top I made at The Beaver Island Quilt Retreat.

I have begun making some of the skinny triangles that Gwen Marston uses in some of her borders/inner parts of quilts. She gave us a little method demonstration on the Retreat, basically using various widths of rectangles sewn from one corner across to the opposite side. Not too hard.
However, I don't intend to make a whole border of these! I'm thinking of just inserting some segments like this into a red border. Or should that be into a WHITE border?



sunny and warm
masses of Black-eyed Susans
Found a loaf of brioche in the freezer!

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Mary said...

Funny but my first thought was red too but then you mentioned white - I definitely think they'll have more pop in a white border.