Monday, September 15, 2008

Spoolspinners Retreat

I have joined Finn's UFO challenge, and said I would finish FIVE before the end of the year. My plan was to get two finished this weekend, which was our Bee's retreat at Ketunnen Center (4 H conference center) south of Cadillac, Michigan. Friday afternoon I put together these blocks from my UFO pile.

The fabrics were samples I received from The Cotton Club back in the 80's. Even then I knew that I might have a hard time finding a use for them, so I immediately took each month's selection and sewed them into HSTs. Then, maybe ten years later, I sewed the HSTs into blocks of four, a slightly asymmetrical block. Now I have finally sewn the blocks together and added a border. This turned out a really dumb size, 50"x42". . .I guess it is a wall hanging.

Friday night I counted up the Floating Four Patch blocks I had in another ziplock bag from an internet exchange, oh, five years ago. Found I needed about 25 more to approach a twin-sized top. So I worked with my batiks, which is very enjoyable colorwise, to make the rest.

This is the result, and I'm a little surprized. The fabrics are showing more pattern than I expected. Well, that's the chance you take with exchanges, and just using what is "at hand".

What do you think about with or without a border? I'm a little tired of black borders, and I don't have any other idea. As it is, 48"x78", it's really too narrow for a twin--maybe more of an adult nap quilt. So I may have to find SOME kind of a border. Darn, I wanted to be done! A really dark batik, not quite black? Oh, and I could put a FEW of Gwen's spikey triangles in it for interest.. . . that would be a different shape.

Also that "white" framed block in the botom row is bothering me. So much lighter than everything else in the quilt. Maybe I'll replace it with a different frame and make it definitely skewed. More my kind of oddity than the color.

Then on Saturday night and Sunday I worked on a third top, still another ziplock bag full of blocks, but had to pack it all up before it got sewn together. Since it is On Point I have to make a bunch of setting triangles before I can sew the rows together. Hope I'll get that done this week, tho' unlikely.



Sue is here for a visit

Three days of rain didn't stop us from sewing!

Yea for rotisseried chicken from the grocery store


Mary said...

I think the 1/2 square triangle might be a nice size for a lap or wheelchair quilt if you're thinking of donating it. Large quilts are difficult for the elderly to handle in a chair I think.

I'd use a blue border for the floating 4 patch quilt - blue is a neutral for me! I didn't notice the white block until you mentioned it by the way.

The Calico Cat said...

floating 4 patch is one of my UFO's - I think I have the 4 patches sewn together...

Madison said...

I agree w/Mary: maybe a midnight blue? Kaufaman "Fusions" is great looking & comes in lots of colors including midnight blue. This fabric is a favorite of mine for borders on scrap quilts in nearly any color.

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, the Cotton Club. Somewhere I have a baggie full of squares from them. Glad to see someone got something made with them! It looks great!
And that floating 4-Patch. One of my fave patterns. I agree with Mary - a dark blue border would look great on that. And I think the idea of some of Gwen's triangles would be a good counterpoint to all those squares. And yeah, I would change that white block too. I didn't notice it till you mentioned it, but then it really stuck out. Sorry.
Sounds like you had a great retreat!