Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another BIG mistake--this time family

I made a terrible mistake over the weekend. I came home from vacation with two grandchildren I wasn't really expecting to have for five days. I came home to a kitchen with new cabinet doors and a refinished floor (all of which was wonderful) and all the kitchen gear piled around in the dining and living rooms. I can keep TWO things in mind.

But I totally forgot the third thing: that I was promised to go to Chicago on Saturday for the wedding of a cousin's daughter. I was going to stay with his sister in the hotel and have lots of time to talk. I was going to see the other two cousins in the that family and their spouses. I was going to have a great time with MY Carey family. I didn't remember a thing about it until I got an e-mail from Trish last night saying, "What happened to you??????"

Oh, the aging brain!

I had the wedding invitation out on the kitchen counter, but it got cleared away so the workmen would have open space. And I never thought of it again. What an idiot I am.
I should know by now that I need to write notes on the bathroom mirror.

So I went to the store to pick up my FIXED Pfaff,
and we drove the kids to camp to buy the necessary uniform shirts and fill out paperwork,
and we went to the beach at Lake Michigan for two and a half hours. All good things, but not any conversation with my cousins, whom I haven't seen for several years.
On a lighter note: here are John Jr. and Sara Rachel joining in with a sculpture in Tassel Park. The artist intentionally left a space for kids to join with the bronze children.
And here is the venue in John Ball Park where we went last night for a jazz trio concert and picnic.

The band shell is in the distance in the middle of the photo.



My cousins will probably forgive me

Grands have all their stuff ready for camp tomorrow

A frog was rescued from the streetside mailbox (How did it get in there?)

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Carol, Song of Joy said...

Oh Sara, I can so identify!! I was in St. Louis for a wedding at the Botanical Garden and completely forgot A friend and I had hoped to connect while we were both in St. L.

Otherwise, the trip was fun and very lovely. I couldn't find Charlie's parents' gift in the Japanese garden, although I'm sure I was very near it. Yes, I'm sure your cousins will forgive you. :)

Take care.