Friday, July 3, 2009

Confetti blocks again

More flowers blooming in the garden. Here are some coreopsis:

Here is a daylily that I think is "Hyperion":

And here are some roses that I think are blooming on the under stock--in other words the rose that I purchased has died and the root stock is now showing it's idea of a rose.

On the sewing front I have been working on "confetti" blocks, or as Nann calls them, "Mile-A-Minute" blocks. I pick up a "center" and start sewing strips around the sides. Here is a stack of them piling up behind the sewing machine:

And here are some of them laid out, not yet up to 6.5" in size, which is the size I have decided on. No reason except that I have a ruler that is 6.5" square.

I think I need about a hundred to make a decent sized quilt with some sashing. But what color sashing? I think it has to be light in this case because some of the blocks are VERY dark, lots of black in them.
And for the Fourth of July, here is what is decorating the wall behind the kitchen stools:

Finished this is 2004.

Living in a country that keeps on trying to live up to its ideals
Wimbledon for breakfast
Temperatures warming back up

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