Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zig-zag and Queen of the Prairie

The Zig-zag top is mostly together, at least all the diagonal strips are now sewn together. There is one black zig-zag. You can now see that I also made one triple zig-zag with black around a red fabric. This is NOT in the middle.

I'm going to study some various small strips for an inner border.

We have only one more day before leaving on vacation, so I doubt that I will get this totally "bordered" before we go.

And out in the garden the Queen of the Prairie is in full bloom, though it seems more appropriate to say "in full FLUFF". This is a perenniel plant which totally dies back to the ground in the fall, and before that the foliage turns brown and looks really ratty. I hope to get some started in the meadow where it will look great from a distance as well as close up.



gentle rain this AM
breakfast with friends
no grocery shopping necessary today


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Sara, I'm amazed at how productive you are with your quilting. The zig-zag is lovely.

Have a wonderful vaction. I've forgotten where you're off to, but have a feeling it's the annual "Amos" board meeting.

A week from today, I fly to St. Louis,where I will "officiate" at the wedding of my dear friend's son. It's in the Japanese Garden!! I'm excited.

Many blessings,

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Pat said...

You're a fast worker, Sara and I love the colours in your quilt! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and can I say how inspiring I found your 'blessings' - we should all count them more often and appreciate those special moments.