Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pfaff returned!

Yes, they "fixed" my sewing machine and it is HOME. Here's what they sad: "Your screen contrast dial was turned to the extreme." What? No, it wasn't! I hadn't touched my screen contrast dial.

Well, now it works just fine, and they didn't charge me anything. Only I didn't have my machine for a month while it waited in line to be serviced.

I got right to work on that quilting of the confetti quilt, where I had such a problem with the Featherweight. The dual-feed foot solved the mis-feeding perfectly.

So I am moving forward with the quilting in sections plan. The center section is now quilted.
Next to add a side section. I'm going to cogitate about this for a while before I really sew anything. For one matter, I need to piece together another section of the backing!
I think I am going to name this quilt "Finally Got My Scraps Organized".

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