Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zig-Zag start

I have started a Zig-Zag quilt top following the "no triangles" method described by amandajean.

Red and white and black are the chosen colors.

First I sewed together two 3" strips, one colored, one background.

Then cut into 5.5" segments.

Two of these blocks are then sewn together are shown to the left.

The really tricky part
[I did this incorrectly several times]
is putting the double blocks together
so that it makes a zig-zag.
The secret is that this is put together on the DIAGONAL.
I'm having a good time so far, expecially because I have quite a stash of red and black fabrics. I even made a slight change in the pattern, which I will show you later.
However, my only place to lay it all out and check my work is on my own bed. Therefore I had to get going to clear the bed for sleep tonight.
I got "columns" all together so I was eventually able to pick up the columns in order and lay them neatly in the sewing room for tomorrow. After that: BORDERS!
Another warm, sunny and breezy day
Planning our family vacation
Ice cream in a cup, sitting by the river

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Quilter Kathy said...

Looking good! I am making a mini zig zag...need to get back to it!