Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Almost done baby quilt

I amazed meself with progress on this bargello baby quilt today.
I finished the quilting in the center.
I decided on a simple wavy line on the borders.
And I got right to work on the binding.

Once again I used the method of sewing the binding to the FRONT,
turning it to the back with lots of close pinning,
and then sew in the ditch on the FRONT again.

The stitching in the ditch is pretty well hidden on the front.
I used a wider binding strip than last time, so there was more to catch on the back. Therefore I didn't totally MISS catching the fold as many times.
But I'm not delighted with the way it looks--a little sloppy.
Maybe the stitching is a little too far from the folded edge.
On the other hand it IS on the BACK. Who is going to look real hard at it?
Well, of course, any quilter would.

Not baby colors as regularly understood. It came out darker than I expected.

Now to wash and dry it.



Pleasant time with the footcare nurses
take-out lasagna for dinner was excellent
lovely orange sky at 8:30 pm


Millie said...

Your Bargello quilt is stunning...I love the colors you used. Good luck on getting the rest of the quilting done. You are almost there!

Sharon said...

Maybe not "traditional" baby quilt colors, but it's wonderful! I love the colors you used.