Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last Retreat report

This little quilt top was made at a Tessellation Workshop quite a few years ago. I thought I had made up my own personal tesselation, but later I found others had also created it. It had waited for some further developments for some time now.

I took on retreat with me with the idea that I WAS going to find borders at last. At the second quilting shop we visited on retreat I found this black polka-dotted fabric which looked good for the outer border. When I was about to sew it on on Sunday afternoon, it looked too dark. Maybe an inner border would help? There was a piece of the orange stripe lying close-by---serendipity! Now I can get it layered and quilted. Before the end of the month, I hope.


Sue's visit for lunch today with Dianne
Fresh baked bread for two meals
Walking in the dark with Charlie and Zeke after the news

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