Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Weekend #2

Blocks for the zig-zag baby quilt are sewn together and inner border is added. I need to find a batik for a wider border and the binding--and a flannel back. Say, maybe this could be called "Baby Steps".

I walked around the flower garden in the late afternoon light, and can share with you the white PeeGee hydrangea turning to pink as the temperatures fall at night.
Here is a view of just a little of the Goldenrod in our meadow.

Once again we had dinner on the deck.
This time the corn on the cob was paired with lasagna and raw veggies.
Present ready to go to baby shower tomorrow
Pre-made lasagna made dinner easy
Enjoyed a lot of tennis on TV today


Sharon said...

That baby quilt is just gorgeous! I really like the colors and that you went scrappy on the white-on-whites. I like that diagonal setting a lot too. Great job!

Glad you're getting to be outside. We're cold and drizzly today. Ugh.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Thanks for all the lovely photos, Sara, including Charlie with his mouth full. Looks like you two are having a most pleasant weekend.