Monday, February 20, 2012

Design Chair Monday

I have made some progress on the Big Stitch quilting while here in St. Louis.  I'm averaging a block a day, but I'm a little behind every Monday.  That's because I spend Sunday evening watching "Downton Abbey" on TV.  However, we seem to have reached the end of the season, so more will be accomplished NEXT Sunday.

We have been house hunting with our daughter.  Yesterday she settled on the one she wants, so now we wait for a response from the seller and do more packing of the old house.



Free and convenient breakfasts at the motel
Good progress on the packing
10 AM Cathedral worship service included "sacred union" of a lesbian couple


Finn said...

your quilting is coming along sooo well Sara! I was just looking at MY UFO of that very same Scrappy Stars pattern from an old issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Unfortunately mine is way less completed! Thinking about abandoning it and using the 4.5" squares for centers of a snowball top, without the 9 patches.
Glad the house hunt has narrowed!! And yes, hurray for Season 2 of Downton Abbey, but alas, it's done. I like it well enough to have bought the first season and I will be buying the 2nd! Now I just hope there will be a Season #3! Hugs, Finn

kim said...

I love the big pieces on your quilt. The running stitch on it is wonderful. I love that bigger and primary look of the work. Happy to hear the house hunt is coming along as well as the packing. Nice to hear of the fun with your grands too! Best wishes for safe travels home too. And uneventful surgery - Hugs, Kim