Thursday, February 9, 2012

More UFOs!

While putting away, sort of, the stuff from the retreat I found a nice plastic box that contained all the pieces from a Bonnie Hunter class, "Cathedral Stars", at our Guild two/three years ago.  It has the directions as well as more cut pieces.  There are six completed blocks of each design, in which I changed her colors a little.  There are a ton of blue and white four-patches all made.  Hmm, how come I never took a photo of this before and added it to my UFO photo album?

Next box holds these red and black wonky triangle strips.  Yes, I do remember making these some time ago, and then I couldn't find them at one point!  There they were with other black and red [and white] leftovers from other projects.  At least I was getting all the same colors into one box!

The thing is, at the beginning of the year I counted up 23-24 UFOs in my photo album.  So I thought I would try to finish two a month this year and get them all DONE.  So far I have finished and sent four to the LA quilter, so I'm on schedule.

Trouble is that I have found or put together "parts" that make SEVEN additional unfinished projects.  I sure hope that I keep my enthusiasm up for finishing a number of neonatal quilts from these before the collection date in late March.  I'm planning on getting some quilted at home after my knee surgery during the recovery period.  I will be able to sit at my sewing machine, won't I?

Today I did move one of them along.  With fabric from Joey in the World Wide Swap I added the final borders to this "Pyramids & One Teepee" quilt.  She sent just the right maroon/red fabrics to go with the flowered triangles from long ago.  Her fabrics inspired me to also sew together more of the same colors for the backing, so this is now ready for home quilting.

That won't happen until the end of the month when we return from St. Louis.  But for now it is all set.

This is the second UFO for February that I need to work on, and since it is handwork I can take it with me to St. Louis.  I now feel I was crazy to think I would hand quilt this whole big quilt, but since it is well started, I'm going to put some time in on it.  I'm using BIG stitches. but the stab, stab, stab wears my fingers out pretty quickly.

Hmm, I just went and counted how much is done: six squares out of sixty.  Let's see, if I do one a day [ that would include two side rectangles], I should have 20 done when I return.  YIKES, this is going to be a long term project.



Can go back to an arthritis pain reducer that also reduces inflammation
Leftover chicken stew [Thanks Lynne!]
Chemically induced stress test now behind me


Julie Fukuda said...

Those projects are all so nice. I can't imagine so many going at once. I love the stitching on those star blocks.

Mary said...

Love the 1000 pyramids and the big stitch quilting. I'm in the process of binding your string quilt and it will be donated in March. Thanks so much!

Finn said...

Love those begun projects that have been in hiding Sara, and you are very brave to add more to your list. I've been to chicken to even count mine, LOL. I started counting last year in January and scared myself into forgetting about them. I did get several to the flimsey stage and on hangers, but OH!! so many in containers like your Cathedral Windows one.
Sorry to hear about the upcoming knee replacement. Been there, done that. Depending on which leg you use for the foot or knee pedal, you may or may not be sewing on the machine. First 3 weeks are the hardest. Be sure you know where you keep your summer shorts. Long pants over the "improved" area really hurt! At least mine did. Sending big hugs, Finn

cityquilter said...

pretty UFOs the RWB