Sunday, February 26, 2012

Under consideration

The second house of four that we looked at with our daughter and her husband in St. Louis.

We shopped for and prepared dinner every week night.  We packed all the pictures from the walls of the old house.

An offer was made on this house.

We packed up the whole china cabinet of plates, glasses and linens.

 Negotiations are going on about who should pay for electrical and plumbing updates  the inspector recommends for this 57 year old house.  They hope to close by March 20.

We packed all the stuff on and under DD's home desk.

We escaped to Michigan at that point, leaving them to face the on-going decisions on their own!

We found our yard covered with about 2 inches of snow, which immediately got the dog rolling.  And we found it felt good to fall into our own bed after two weeks at a motel.

This week I am preparing for left knee replacement on Friday.  Besides the various medical appointments I hope to put together some knitting and hand quilting that I can work on during the recovery.  Everyone says, "Do the exercises assigned", so I know that will have to be a first priority for the following six weeks.

[How's my character going to stand up to that painful discipline, I wonder.
Well, it IS Lent after all.
Not that I've ever done particularly well at Lent.]

At some point I hope to be back at the sewing machine since my right foot ought to be working OK.



Safe travel with French Silk pie at lunch
Jazz on the car radio
First Sunday of Lent back in our "home" parish


Finn said...

Hey Sara, glad to hear you are home safe and sound again! Wow...alot was accomplished with your help. How everything goes according to plan with the house. I really like the look of it, it looks like "home", comfortable and easy. Hope it turns out well for them.
I'll be holding you in prayer for your surgery, and know everything will go well.
Please DO, "do" the exercises!! The outcome from not doing them contains the possibility of not having the full bend, and that's painful and doesn't get better with the years. Mine is 10 yrs old now, and I was barely able to get the 90% bend, and that's just not enough. Bite the bullet and do what they say! Sending big welcome home hugs, Finn

Michele Bilyeu said...

I think you are doing extremely well, Sara...all of this and more! Sending lots of well wishes and blessings for the knee surgery and your recuperation ahead!!!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Sara,segure na mão de DEUS e vá...SE precisar aperte,Vai doer mas...minha avó dizia:O que arde cura e o que aperta é segura.Tudo de bom,Deus te abençoe.p.s:Faça hexágono enquanto se recupera é muito bom de fazer e rende.

stitchinpenny said...

Helping with a move is tough. I helped with the house prep to sell and in about a month will do the packing to move to a new house with my daughter and SIL.

Jeanne said...

Best wishes for a successful surgery and recuperation! I've had both done and it was totally worth it. You'll feel lousy for a couple of weeks or so, but then you start getting BETTER -- like eventually even much better than before the surgery. Do the physical therapy so it will have been worth going through, and look forward to a great summer!
Jeanne :)

Clare said...

Finn and Michele have said it all. Keeping you in my thoughts and hope the op goes well.

Keep us updated when you can.