Friday, May 9, 2008

Border feathers on CC Leftovers

Last evening worked on the feathers in the border of this little quilt.

I used a purchased stencil to draw the center line weaving back and forth. After sewing that line, I just made up each loop as I went along. Luckily I have seen some famous quilter's methods in books or videos. Some of them don't seem to go for the precise-type of feather, but a more natural look, giving me permission to "do my own thing". Where I meant to trace back over an already quilted line, I frequently missed. However, this border fabric is great at concealing black thread. Not an intentional choice, but a good one!
And here is a view of the back. I now see that I "should" have made the feathers more "open" so that the quilting in the border wasn't denser than the quilting in the middle of the piece. Not going to change it now, but something to remember next time.
Right now I'm glad that I went ahead and DID it. The piece is done, and I have some more experience in free motion quilting.
It's bound and in the wash with this week's sheets.


Lindah said...

Sarah that little quilt is really beautifully done! Your squares are so perfect---I've forgotten what you call that quilting pattern. Did you use a ruler or template for that? Very elegant quilt!

Amanda said...

Lovely quilting Sara - I've already commented on the quilting on the top, but the border quilting is equally lovely. You have given me renewed enthusiasm for making more effort myself. I CAN do it!!!

Helen in the UK said...

LOVE the quilting on this - both the curves and the feathers. Fabulous way to use up those CC orphans :)