Sunday, May 4, 2008

First socks finished

I have been fascinated with the series "Carrier" on PBS, and they were showing the last three hours this afternooon. This gave me some KNITTING TIME. I got the second sock finished at last. So here they are, the PAIR of socks.

Now that you have looked at them, tell me you really didn't notice at first that one is bigger than the other. Tell me that it is going to be just fine to wear these with my sandals without re-doing the one on the left.
[Or do you think that socks with sandals is just GROSS?]

This weekend the Hopa Crabapples trees began blooming in the church yard. They only last for about one week, so this was their Sunday. I like the deeper pink color, and planted these along the driveway 20 years ago or so.

Almost every year they also produce those ugly webs of larvae of some insect. They say the "best" thing to do is set them on fire, but mostly I just ignore them.

And here is a new Redbud, planted just over the lip of the hill down to the lake. Last fall I had about five of these planted on either side at the edge of the woods. The other trees are really tall, so this is an attempt at developing an understory level, with some Juneberries. Not much bloom to show this first season. Maybe in another 20 years?

Right now the daffodils & forsythia are all fading away, but we do see some white wild crabapples out in open spaces.
And the grape hyacinth are a lovely blue along the front walk.

Mostly I enjoy the GREEN for the grass and the trees beginning to put out leaves.


Staying home on Saturday
Charlie mowed lawn, first of season


Amanda said...

I'm not a great fan of socks with sandals, but I do love your socks, they look so cozy. Did you have to do that thing with loads of needles? My grandmother used to do that and it always astounded me. Your garden (or should I call it an estate it looks so big) looks lovely. I should love to have room for so many trees.

Quilter In Paradise said...

great socks! wear them with pride!