Saturday, May 17, 2008

Socks and Soakers

I have started my NEXT pair of socks with a blue striped yarn. This yarn is so cool--makes the pattern with no work on my part other than keeping going!

I bought a smaller set of needles, so that makes the gauge a little smaller. I am making the leg part a little shorter and I am making it RIBBED so that it will be more likely to cling to my leg! And I am not going to make the foot so long. All these changes SHOULD make the sock fit my foot.

And I have another skein of yarn lurking in the distance--for a THIRD pair of socks. Yarn is just as dangerous as quilting fabric. I see something in the store and immediately presume thatI will never see it again. MUST buy it today.

My purple iris is blooming next to the sewingroom window, where I can't see it. I have to walk out the front door and turn in the opposite direction from normal to notice them. I begged these from a neighbor's yard because they are just like the ones I remember from my mother's and grandmother's gardens. I grew up thinking that iris were purple. That's it. That was what I saw, that must be all there were!
Now I know that's not true, but I still like these best.

And here are three items I made from one felted ladies' sweater I bought at the Goodwill. The long baby pants are made from the two sleeves, and the two "soakers" are made from triangles cut from the front and the back. These are distributed by the public health nurses up near the Arctic Circle for Inuit babies. The wool has lanolin on the fibers, so it repels the liquids expelled by babies, and unlike plastic, wool helps keep the babies warm . Apparently the Inuit use the prevalent local moss inside the soakers. This is easily replaceable, and biodegradeable, unlike Pampers.


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Kucki68 said...

Sock knitting is fun and addictive! You can find very nice patterns online at

I love knitting socks, it is the ultimate commuter knitting.

Helen in the UK said...

I love your baby items. What a great way to reuse a felted sweater!! Great work :)