Thursday, May 8, 2008

Left-overs and crabapples

While I am waiting for the next Step of Bonnie Mystery #2, I hope I can finish machine quilting this little "doll" quilt made from left-overs of Mystery #1. First I stitched in the ditch on the straight seams, then I did the diagonals through the nine-patches, then I put on the darning foot and wove back and forth along the seam lines in curves, hoping they would turn out looking like circles. Now I am cogitating on the borders and what to do with them. Seems like a curvy feather--but I have practically no experience with them!

So I go outside for a walk around the circle drive. WOW! the crabapples are at their most floriforous! Son Peter gave me one of those trees for Mother's Day when we moved in here, now 16 -17 years ago. There are two dark pink and two white crabapples in the circle, all supposed to be dwarves, but not so. Across to the right are two truly dwarf crabapples, named "Beverly". Since I have two relatives named "Beverly", two was the right number; Beverly Grace Hobart Schwab and Beverly Diane Thomas. One leans quite a bit toward the other. But these two relatives are not related to each other at all, and don't know each other. Just have the name in common. And me.



Last GRWC rehearsal went well for concert Sat.

Blooming trees all over town

Wore my socks and they didn't fall off!


Julie said...

I apologize if this shows up twice. I tried to comment once and it seemed to vanish. Anyway, love your doll quilt - such pretty colors! And I want one of those pink crabapples. It is lovely!

Amanda said...

What a pretty quilt - I love the way the quilting makes a simple pattern come really alive. How did you get your curves to be so smooth and circular - I'm new to free motion quilting and looking for tips.