Thursday, May 29, 2008

Phlox and ORANGE Crush layout imagined

On each side our grassy hill down to the lake we have a little woods where these wild phlox bloom every year at the end of May. They are not really wild flowers, but domestic ones that have escaped into the wild. They show a nice variety of colors from purple to pink to white. I "stole" some from a deadend street by a warehouse, growing in the drainage ditch. They have now spread to make quite a show.

Rather than spending time in the sewing room I have been working in the garden. This group of plants is the result of one trip to the nursery/garden store. I am going to try two tomato plants this year. There are five deck pots to be planted, and then I HAD to have another Black Lace elderberry for the meadow and three sets of three more perennials: Johnson's Blue true geraniums, three white Japanese iris, and three short blue delphiniums. A good bit of the planting will be done on the weekend.

And now the ORANGE CRUSH. Don't look if you don't want to see my "solution" to the Mystery!!

Step 5 of Bonnie's current mystery has the really orange fabric in it. We also are to have an "accent" fabric, which we now see is to go in the middle of this block. I had picked out the bright yellow, but when I saw the block and laid out the fabrics, I thought it was TOO bright. And it made the blue Spinning Stars fade into the night. So I decided to use the black that was also part of the Stars.

However, after some time in the garden, I came back and decided that I would put blocks with the black center into the middle of the quilt and surround them with a line of blocks with the yellow center.

So here is my construct of how the Mystery is going to go together:

Bonnie has instructed us to make 18 triangles that are half-Album blocks, so it is clear this will be an on-point layout.
I've laid the blocks on the bed with six black-centered Album blocks in the middle, which is in the upper left of the photo. As you can see the Spinning Stars are really going to look like a sashing and the light squares are also sashing.
Isn't it nifty? And though Bonnie said there wouldn't be much "light" in this quilt, it sure does look BRIGHT.

And it does use up a couple of fabrics that I had been avoiding.

I think she also will use the extra 44 mini-blocks somehow in the border, but I haven't had time to think about HOW.



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deb said...

Oh my goodness you are such a smarty! I wonder if that is what it is going to look like. It looks awesome anyway!! We still have loads of fabric left though. Yours looks great.

Amanda said...

You are so lucky to have such a large garden - it looks lovely to have enough space to walk about and see different aspects. I've seen several different 'solutions' to the mystery and am looking forward to finding out who, if anyone, is correct.

Tracy said...

Love your possible OC layout! Beautiful!!!

Rhonda said...

I love your step 5....great job.

Kathy Wagner said...

That is really cool Sara! I hope you are right and I hope my blocks look as good as yours!

Helen in the UK said...

I'm not stitching the OC mystery, so I couldn't resist a peek at your solution guess - wow!! I'm hoping to make a smaller version when the finished quilt is revealed by Bonnie :)

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love hows yours looks. At first I thought the yellow was way bright too, but you know what, with all the ohter blocks I really like it. I love your idea of the yellow and blue centers! I just put some choices up for my layout. I"m thinking of changing step 4.... come see what you think...

Marit said...

Beautiful colors, love to see this coming together.