Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pentecost preparation

Last fall Holy Cross Church placed three pennant/banners on the front lawn to attract attention. Getting additional different colors is more expensive than I could imagine, so I looked into making the RED ones for Pentecost myself. Naturally this got put off until the last week before Pentecost, and after buying the "flag nylon" --FIVE yards for the length needed-- I couldn't find the grommets that were big enough, nor the woven tape in the right width to mimic the purchased pennants. I went to an awning company for the pieces, and at that point I was ready to admit that their "hot knife" and expertise were worth the extra cost. Especially since on Tuesday they could get all three made by by Friday!

Since the Pentecost imagry includes FLAMES, I bought enough orange fabric to make one of the pennants. Then realizing that there would be extra fabric the whole length purchased, I asked them to add a second, narrower, opposite color panel to two of the pennants.

Now we have an array of three for Pentecost:
1- solid red with an orange narrower streamer
2- solid red
3- solid orange with a red narrower streamer.

Ken, our Junior Warden, knew how to change the pennants, so here he is doing all the work while I took pictures.

Here is the view from the driveway entrance, street to your right, church roof on the left.

[Charlie said that a woman called the church on the phone because she saw the "flags" and was entranced. She wanted to know where to get some. Well, there goes our special-ness if everyone is going to have them!]

On the quilting front:

Here is the OTHER lap-sized quilt top made with leftovers from Carolina Crossroads. I received some fabric from a chorus member and the tan paisley was in it. Seemed to be the perfect way to finish off as a wide border.

Now to think about the quilting on this one! It will be more to manipulate through the Pfaaf, and since it is so busy. . . .maybe I'll just take this one to the LA-quilter and have a pantograph all over.

Bonnie has put out the next clue for Mystery #2, Orange Crush, so I am cutting triangles and building blocks. Only two done so far.

This is a hectic 48 hours with getting the pennants up, baking bread, reviewing all the words and notes for the GRWC concert tonight, and finishing my sermon for tomorrow, then delivering it twice.
Oh, well, by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon I can take a nap and let DS Peter cook dinner for Mother's Day!



Ken's help

Lynne's assurance the concert will be FUN

Trilliums (trillia?) in the woods

My 100th blog entry!

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Amanda said...

I think your pennants look wonderful, well worth all the effort. Have a wonderful day.