Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Celebrating retirement

Here we are after the official retirement party at the church for Charlie. [DD Martha, DH Charlie, DS Peter, DDIL Lynne, and me] We went to the local Hilton Hotel bar on the way home and the family had a drink together. Mine has not yet been delivered, so my hand is empty. But we were all "feelin' groovy", and very happy to be together. (Waitress took the photo with Martha's phone.)



The new Mac laptop for Charlie is functioning

Cleaned off three shelves next to it for his "gear"

Enjoying the earliest hours of the Australian Open each night


Millie said...

Congrats on Charlie's retirement.

Nice to meet somebody else who watches the tennis in Australia!

Amy said...

looks ya all had fun,, feeling GROOVY is GOOD. thanks for sharing,Amy

Anonymous said...

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