Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun Bed, Shoo-Fly

Here is the "fun" bed. I had ordered these linens as a way of celebrating Charlie's retirement and brightening up the dark cloudy days of winter. Then he got his terrible cold the day before retirement, and I didn't want him to get his GERMS on these joyous bubbles. So I held off until yesterday when he seemed a good deal better. In the afternoon he went in a laid down to take a nap, with no comment whatsoever about the new look!

Well, I'm enjoying seeing them every time I glance in the room. And I slept very well under/over them last night.

I changed my sample blocks for the Spoolspinners' Mystery from Nine-Patches to Shoo-Fly by adding a triangle to each corner. I hadn't thought it through thoroughly enough for cutting size, so the smallest one ended up too small, and will have to be put in the orphan box.

Going forward I will make the center sqaure black, and make the corner triangles more wonky. This will make it a combination of 1)Spoolspinners' Mystery, 2) Black & White Challenge, and 3) "project improv". At least that's the plan for now.



Charlie Ramsden fixed the lights in the den

Smell of fresh baked bread in the house

New book by Mary Balogh


Niki :-) said...

Love the new bubbles bedding!

Helen in the UK said...

That really is FUN bedding. Shouldn't fail to raise a smile when you see it :)

Diane said...

What a cute way of commemorating retirement. Sweet dreams to you both!

Millie said...

LOVE the bedding!