Sunday, January 4, 2009

Double Delight step 2 + Epiphany

Here's the progress I made on the Step 2 blocks today.
These blocks do seem to take quite a bit of time, especially for the trimming and pressing. I am doing them in groups of 10 at a time, changing position from sewing to trimming to pressing helps me not get too stiff. But I still keep slumping. Got to keep the bend from my hips, not curving my back!
At the top you can see that I "took a break" from the Square-in-a square blocks and made a few of the pink 9-patches for a change. I peeked ahead and know that we are going to be making a whole bunch of those next.

Charlie and I had our last Epiphany celebration at Holy Cross, here is a photo of two of the Magi leaving on the last verse of "We Three Kings". These were SINGING Magi, which is not always the case. Each sang one of the verses. And afterwards we had Crown Cake with prizes inside, and a pinata, and the White Elephant Game, and then the DE-greening of the church. A long celebration, expecially because we had the addition of the Morris Dancers as a gift to us.
So much love at Holy Cross
Another farewell dinner last night
Zillah only barfed once

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