Friday, January 2, 2009

Double Delight, Clue 1 finished

I worked most of the day today, of course with some breaks, making these Square-in-a-square blocks. At one point I timed how long it took to make 10, and it was a little over 30 minutes. So if it is calculated out, 120 blocks must have taken 6 hours in total over two days.
Clue 2 requires making another 120, but a different coloration! Boo-hoo!
I think that I should work on some other project and use this as my "leaders and enders'.
Meanwhile I can't do anything without winding more bobbins.
Pork sandwich for lunch
visiting dog, Zillah, tho' energetic has caused no problems
planning for quilt retreat in February


Kathy Wagner said...

They sure do take a long time, don't they?!?
I'm thinking I might skip ahead and do step 3 and come back to step 2 because I am not loving these square in a square blocks!

Jeanne said...

They look great, Sara! I haven't even started yet, but eventually I'll get caught up. :)

Diane said...

My, you've been busy! I look forward to watching your progress on this mystery quilt.


wow! they sure would look great with the ones I'm working on with red center squares! ;-)
looks good!~

Idaho Quilter said...

They seemed to take forever don't they, then step 2 more of the same, I am like another of your commentors, I am jumping ahead to 3, they back to 2. Steady as she goes.

Finn said...

Hi Sara, just popping in to wish you the happiest and healthiest of new years with your darlin' *VBS*
Your Step ones look great, and I see no problem with letting them become a leader-ender project.
I had to fight hard not to pull fabric and start this mystery. The fact I haven't finished the 3 previous ones I started with Bonnie was my best motivation!
I'm carrying on with finishing old UFOs, etc in 2009. And I curious what the "One Project a Month" picture on your sidebar is about? Is that something to join? I'd sure be interested to be stitching along with some one else.
Love the 16 patch that put you to your goal, but then I really love the scrappy ones!! It looks great. Big hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

They are looking great, I am still working on step one.