Saturday, January 10, 2009

Double Delight Clue 3 & more improv

Thursday I took the day off from Double Delight and had fun, fun, fun making some more blocks for 'project improv'. Here they are laid out on the floor to see how they look butted up against each other. More are in process but not up to 12.5" yet.
Yesterday I went back to working mostly on Clue #3 of Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight, which is pink Nine-patches. We need 130 of these babies. Right now I'm around 110. I assumed that I would have some extras that I could use in a neonatal quilt for the Guild's collection in March. Maybe not. Looks like I'm going to come out just about right!

Drove in constant snow across town for lunch with friends today, and tho' the driving was not too hard, it was a little tense, always expecting to slide around. I'm considering staying home from the symphony tonight, but will see if this snow continues or not. Hate to stop doing things because of the weather!



Four wheel drive on my Forrester

Steak AND shrimp for my noontime dinner

Happy dogs "helping" me shovel the walk


Louise SS said...

I LOVE the orange/pink blocks!!!
Louise in Sweden

True Blue Nana said...

You are mighty busy these days! I love the orange and pink blocks. I have red and aqua but haven't started yet.

Alycia said...

Love the Project Improv!!

Anonymous said...

Your DD is coming along great.


maggie said...

I love the fun colors in the improv quilt blocks. I noticed a different rotary cutter in a picture. Is it help arthritic hands? what kind is it?