Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back Home from March Trip

We made it home, and it is good to be here, too.

The green of spring has not really come to Michigan yet,
but there are a few signs.

Snowdrops by the sidewalk.

Purple crocus under the bird bath.

Since we have not yet finished putting everything away, I will just show you the fabrics that I purchased along the way:
Photo #1 from various quilt shops in Florida:
-White on white FQs I needed for a project I was working on the trip. Of course, I ended up buying more than I needed. [So hard to estimate these things!]
- a couple of FQs that sang my name.
- three more or less "solids" that were on a remnant table
- batik sampler pack on sale
-Batiks, three packages and another half yard I bought on St. John Island.


-FQ sale at Jackman's in St. Louis! Only 87cents! I think the number I picked out was 34. Yikes, I even put some back!
-and a book to use some of those pesky FQs that were so attractive.
I have picked up my Christmas Eve mystery quilt from Catherine [LA quilter], which I have bound. But I think it needs a little more tweaking of the quilting, i.e. a little more in some places, to make it "just right". So that is what I am working on now.
Then I need to do some MORE work on those vacation projects.
Safe, sunny trip with variety of activities
House and yard stood up to our absence
First year to have a pussywillow bush!
Fulfilling Palm Sunday worship at Dominican Center

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Karen Snyder said...

How fun--Bundles of Fun, even! I was checking out the virtual quilt show from Park City Girl, got to your blog and was scrolling down--and there was my book! Yeah! Hope you're loving it--and please send me photos if--I mean when--you make something from it! Karen Snyder