Monday, April 6, 2009

Mosaic Tile quilt

I'm working my way around this quilt adding a little more quilting. The orangish pieces need to be outlined, I think, so that the octagonal medalions will stand up more.

Tonight I went to my first rehearsal of the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus since the end February, when we left on our trip. Oh, my! They are singing songs without looking at the music which I don't know yet. We don't take any written music on the stage with us, so I have a lot of work to do in the rest of this month. Our spring concert is May 9th. We have a new commissioned work this year, and the composer was with us tonight to share her thoughts about this work "Dandelion".

I may have to "fake" some of the foreign languages we are singing in other songs: Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Japanese, Hebrew. . . I hope I will get the musical NOTES nailed down!



Learning from the composer

Saved some of the two loaves of bread that got overbaked

Made it through exercise class today


belinda said...

That quilt is looking PRETTY GOOD!!

mosaic tiles said...

Great quilt, how long has it taken for you to get as far as you have?