Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camera Found

Charlie found my camera on a table where he stacks the books he is currently reading. Did I put it there?

So here are a few of those projects from the last days:

These are four of the orphan blocks I sized UP with green and blue logs, and I think they will have a lot of white around them for a summer quilt. Made three more last night, so now I have 9, and that's all there's goinig to be! This qualifies as a "project improv".

And this is the layout I am thinking will use up a lot of 6.5" scrap squares once I have made them into 9-patches and hourglass blocks. This will be a form of Leaders and Enders as I work on other things.

Today I hope to make the binding and put it on the Orange Crush quilt. And make a label.



Slept under the Double Delight quilt last night and the warmth was perfect.


Brenda said...

fun orphan projects. I like the nine patch hourglass one. I'm making a similiar one out of four patches and hourglasses, although the blocks are smaller, only 3.5 inches finished. I have to square up my hourglass blocks before I can proceed, which isn't the most fun part.

Roslyn Atwood said...

Just yesterday finished my DD! I like your orphan block idea for a fresh summery quilt