Monday, April 27, 2009

Lost camera

I don't like to post without pictures.....but I can't find my camera.
No doubt it is in a "safe" place. Some where it will show up--but no photos for a couple ofr days.

But I HAVE been sewing.
1) Using up 6.5" scrap squares to make 9-patches and then some Hourglass blocks.
2) taking 9 blue and white Orphan blocks and log-cabinning them up to 12.5 inch size with blue and green logs. I think this will be a "mostly white" quilt. In fact maybe all of the rest of it will be white.
3) experimenting with my Spoolspinners mystery blocks in an odd size to make them more Wonky.



leftover shrimp for dinner
still the yellow season here, tho' daffodils are wilting
Great music at Women's Chorus tonight

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